Prepared to seize the reins of KPCC, DK Shivakumar meets Siddaramaiah

BENGALURU: Congress legislator met Sunday with former prime minister and opposition leader Siddaramaiah amid speculation that the high command of the party is in favor of anointing the president of KPCC, the strong man of Vokkaliga.

Sources say the high command is likely to replace Dinesh Gundurao, who presented his resignation in December, with a new president after January 10, but will continue with Siddaramaiah as the leader of the opposition, at least for the moment.

Although senior leaders, including MB Patil, have thrown their hat into the ring for the KPCC position, Shivakumar seems to be the favorite and experts say his meeting with Siddaramaiah is part of the process to formally declare him president.

Sunday's meeting between Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah follows a meeting that former KPCC president G Parameshwara held with senior officials on Saturday at the behest of the high command. However, Shivakumar tried to minimize Sunday's meeting by calling her a courtesy call.

“Regarding the appointment of the president of KPCC, it is the decision of the high command. I am not someone who asks for any position, but, as a common party worker, I am ready to follow the instructions of the high command, ”said Shivakumar.

While the high command was expected to summon Siddaramaiah to New Delhi to solve the problem, sources suggest the trip is unlikely since the problem could be resolved amicably. Shivakumar, however, went to New Delhi on Sunday in relation to money laundering cases against him. He is expected to meet with senior leaders, including the interim president of the party. Sonia Gandhi during your stay in Delhi.

Meanwhile, in Belagavi, Satish Jarkiholi suggested that he is still in the race and said: “I am not pushing for the position of president of KPCC. However, given the opportunity, I am ready to take responsibility, ”said Jarkiholi.