Bhopal: woman throws her husband, three children away from home on a spooky night

BHOPAL: Two girls, aged 11 and 15, were transferred to a foster home in Bhopal at 1 am on Sunday. The move came after his father arrived at the Ashoka Garden police station around 11 pm on Saturday after his wife kicked him and his three children out of the house after a dispute.

Police arranged for the man and his 13-year-old son to stay in a night shelter while the girls were delivered to a foster home through City Childline.

City Childline director Archana Sahaye told TOI that the couple had a dispute after the woman threw her children and her husband out of the house and closed the door. Despite several attempts, she did not open the door.

The man arrived at the Ashoka Garden police station around 11 p.m. and tried to call his wife to help them reconcile. When the wife did not move, the husband asked police officers to help him find a safe place for his daughters while the boy stayed with him at a nearby Rain base, Sahaye said.

The Childline team coordinated with the Ashoka Garden police and secured a shelter in the city to help both of them.

It was freezing and after all the efforts of the police and the husband to have the wife take them back they were useless, the girls were sent to a shelter at their home at 1 am. They will keep them there until the moment the couple solves their problem. differences, Sahaye added.

Ashoka Garden station house official Umesh Yadav said police officers called the wife at the police station on Monday and did not file a FIR, because it was a personal problem for the couple, the man and his Wife will be sent for advice.

The girls are safe in the shelter's home and the boy is with his father. We will try to provide the couple with proper counseling and have the wife take her family back. We couldn't talk to the girls on Sunday, but we will record their statement if the need arises. So far, an FIR has not been filed and we expect the couple to resolve their differences for the sake of the children, said Yadav.