Seven young people give the poor a good night's sleep in Bangalore

BENGALURU: Several homeless people, who slept on the sidewalks of the area on Friday night, woke up with a warm surprise. They had been covered with blankets, thanks to a group of young people who toured the area to give them to those in need.

Arun Samanta Singhar, Pranshu Yadav, Ramesh Joshi, Srikant Ghosal, Jitendra Rajawat, Ankur Bindra and Debabrata Behera, who call themselves 'On the Rocks' after their cricket team, distributed 50 blankets to the poor, who defied the cold night on the trails. . Arun, 26, of Odisha told TOI: “We have shelter to protect ourselves from the elements. But there are many who don't even have the right blankets to beat the winter. ”

The seven-member group began joining the software company, where they have been working for the past two years. Realizing that their shared interest went beyond cricket, they decided to join and do their part for the common good. After working to raise awareness of breast cancer last year, young people came up with the general idea this new year. They collected Rs 15,000 through crowdfunding and bought blankets in a private store. Our friends helped us raise money, our colleagues also contributed, Arun added.

The young people, all residents of Marathahalli, arrived at the KR Market at 10:25 pm. They connected with a local person there and began distributing blankets.

Last year, the group worked to spread awareness about breast cancer.