Carbohydrate-free diets, cycling for rigorous workouts: the party for T’wood celebrities is over

A constant urge to eat spicy food at the first hint of cold is deeply rooted in the minds of all Bengalis. The cold weather makes us want a delicious junk meal. We finished partying more and skipped the gym. There is no end to try delicious cakes, spicy pakoras and nolen gurer mishti. Not a single person can follow their diet. Despite all the internal conflict, people end up eating more, resulting in weight gain. Now that the festivities have ended more or less and the main concern is to shed those extra pounds, Tollywood celebrities have returned to detoxification and fitness mode. CT spoke with some actors to find out what they are doing to get fit. Keep reading ...

I do cardio, freehand and Weight training : Prosenjit Chatterjee

Everyone knows how disciplined I am when it comes to fitness and health. However, in the festive season, I had several cheat days, missed my workouts and compromised on my diet. Now, I am back to my daily routine. I don’t follow a fixed fitness regimen, as everything depends on my work schedule. At present, I am doing cardio, Weight training and freehand on a regular basis to shed those extra inches. Twenty minutes of pranayama is a must for me. I have seven to eight meals a day. I eat a lot of sprouts or almonds, fruits, dates, egg whites, 200 grams of chicken or fish, boiled

or thrown in olive oil.

I am mainly focusing on cardio and homemade food: Sayantika Banerjee

After the holiday season, you need enough motivation to return to your regular exercise routine. I started training from January 1. I am mainly focusing on cardio, especially kickboxing, high intensity intermittent workouts (HIIT) and toning exercises. Also, I do pranayama because it helps stretch the muscles. Rice, fried food, refined flour and sweets are completely off the menu. I'm just eating homemade food in the right measures at the right time.

I enjoy aerobics but not the gym: Jaya Ahsan

In the last month, I attended several lunches and dinners for Christmas and New Year. I literally survived with biryani, bharta and desserts! Obviously, I gained weight. So now I have joined aerobics classes. Going to the gym is something

I don't like it. It seems boring. There is a rhythm in aerobics and I enjoy it. I started eating whole and unprocessed foods and fruits. I'm not even looking at fried food and candy. I start my day with warm water with a touch of lime juice and apple cider vinegar. Drinking water before meals also helps me control my appetite.

This weather is perfect for cycling and running: Shaheb Bhattacherjee

The party season is finally over and it is time for some action. To recover what I have lost, or actually gained, I have begun the year with strict intermittent fasting of 14 hours. This definitely creates a shortage in all the excess calorie intake and burns whatever fat the body is already storing. Also, training wise, I have started running. It helps keep the face lean along with the rest of the body. Cycling in this weather is just perfect. I am going a little easy on Weight training since I need to look lean for my next project. I am focusing more on HIIT to be faster, stronger and leaner. No outside food, carbs or sweets for me till I shed those extra kilos. I am having loads of vegetable with chicken stew, curd, salads and fruits. Drinking water adequately is also important to stay fit.

Yoga is essential for any actor, as it makes it flexible: Tota Roy Choudhury

I hate the word diet, since I have developed a reasonable eating habit over time. There are three phases in a year, where I eat everything. Christmas and New Year is one of those phases. From plum cakes to nolen gurer rosogolla, from pithey to biryani, I have it all. But as in moderation, since I know how much I can burn. Now, I am totally in a detoxification mode. I have started running for half an hour, followed by calisthenics and resistance exercises. Yoga is essential for any actor, as it makes it flexible. For breakfast, I drink fruits, eggs and milk. Lunch is 150 grams of rice, dal, curried fish and doi. Dinner is chicken stew and a roti. I am avoiding outdoor food, junk food or sweets until the Bengali New Year.

I am on a diet without carbohydrates, with only one tablespoon of rice at night: Srabanti

I have stopped feeling sorry for the moment. I will do it only after a month of exercising. I started going to the gym and doing yoga religiously since January 1. I'm doing cardio and weightlifting to lose those extra kilos and tone up.

I am also doing yoga and meditation to concentrate better. Apart from that, I follow a diet without carbohydrates, with only one tablespoon of rice at night. I am drinking a lot of water and eating after regular intervals. Dinner is at 7.30-8 pm and it is mainly soup and boiled vegetables. I am also having many seasonal fruits.

Detoxification tips from fitness experts

Hydration is important to get fit. Drink as many glasses of water as possible, as it helps you to properly detoxify

Eat at intervals of two hours. Reduce the proportion of food. Avoid junk food, drinks and sweets.

Normalize your routine. Eat your dinner after sunset, preferably at 7 pm. Avoid carbohydrates at night and stay away from the phone before hitting the bed. Sleep for a minimum of seven hours.

Enter a quick walk and then try to run at intervals. Cardio helps you lose weight

Strength/ Weight training is important for getting back in shape

- Debasar Chandra Paloi, exercise expert

Cardio is important after a break. Cardio floor, machine, circuit and cross adjustment help you lose fat easily

Weight training is also a good way to get in shape.

For the chest, I suggest flat bench press. For the abdomen, fat crunches work. Free squats also help reduce fat.

Running outdoors is a good option, since fresh air is good for your health.

Cycling is also a good sport to get in shape.

Stretching and yoga are for the general maintenance of the body.

- Ayan Guha, gym instructor

The right diet along with regular exercise without cheat days for a month is not negotiable after the holiday season

Control your stress level, as it is related to your well-being.

Zumba, high intensity body activities, such as dancing, playing squash or badminton, help you lose extra pounds.

Drink beet juice, carrot juice mixed with turmeric paste. Soak some raisins overnight and drink that water the next morning. Help your body detoxify

Add cross-fit training and functional training in your exercise regimen

- Prosenjit Saha, fitness instructor