Yogi Adityanath starts the reach of CAA Muslim from its territory

GORAKHPUR: After launching an offensive and slapping notices of recovery on many others for allegedly damaging public property, UP CM embarked on Sunday on a popularization program in the Gorakhnath area dominated by Muslims to dispel doubts and gain support for it.

Launching the campaign from his stray dog, Yogi headed to a store owned by a Chowdhary Kaifulwara and stood in front of a crowd. When delivering copies of a pamphlet that allegedly clears the air about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, he said the law had been amended to grant citizenship instead of snatching it from any community.

Read the brochure to eliminate your doubts, he said.

In appealing to the Muslim community not to pay attention to the rumors, he said: It is our tradition to give refuge to persecuted people from other countries. Prime Minister Modi brought CAA to give citizenship to these people, but Congress, the Samajwadi Party and their allies are trying to deceive people by spreading confusion and fostering violence.

On behalf of the community, Kaifulwara presented three memoranda to the CM, one of which seeks the release of protesters without a criminal record.

All these people were arrested during the protests against CAA in Gorakhpur on December 20. Raja Ram Yadav, who teaches chemistry at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, told TOI that the scope should have been launched before the law was passed, which sparked protests. Ashfaq, another resident, said: The CM has rightly said that we should read about CAA before organizing protests.