Oppn trying to confuse people in the missed calls campaign: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: BJP launched an aggressive campaign against Sunday to deny the alleged attempt by the opposition to denigrate its search for support for party president and Interior Minister Amit Shah, calling it an opposition ploy to create confusion.

Party circulated the letter written by the service provider, which said the number had been assigned. The retaliation of the party came after several memes and misleading publications emerged on social networks about the number (8866288662), claiming it was linked to Netflix.

When addressing a 'Karyakarta Sammelan Stand' in Delhi, Shah said the number was launched for people to give missed calls and show their support for the law, and they had nothing to do with Netflix. Since yesterday (Saturday), rumors are spreading that the number belongs to a channel called Netflix. I would like to clarify that the number never belonged to Netflix. Rather, it's the BJP toll free number, Shah said. BJP spokesman Sambit Patra claimed that vulgar claims were being made that people can talk to girls by dialing this number. Opposition members are making policy on such a positive step, he said, adding that BJP has worked to solve a problem of decades like that of neighboring countries through promulgation.