The dispute between the United States and Iran could affect the basmati business

NEW DELHI: Iran is likely to be affected due to growing tensions between the US. UU. And the Islamic Republic and the internal trade agency AIREA asks exporters not to make any shipments until the situation improves.

Iran is an important export destination for India and if shipments are affected, it will affect domestic prices and, in turn, farmers' incomes, he said (AIREA). During the last fiscal year, India exported Rs 32.8 billion rupees, of which Rs 10.8 billion rupees were sent to Iran.

In the current situation, it is not possible to export basmati rice to Iran. We have issued a notice to our members so that they are cautious and do not execute more shipments until the situation is clear, said AIREA President Nathi Ram Gupta. Shipments made by Iran have also been held on hold. Some amount is in the ports, Gupta said.