Ankit Siwach will marry his girlfriend Nupur Bhatia on February 4

They met for the first time at an age when they hadn't even heard words like love and soulmates. As the years passed, they became best friends, fighting many difficulties and supporting each other in good times and bad. And now, Ankit Siwach & Nupur Bhatia Everyone is ready for another milestone in their relationship.

Ankit, who was last seen as the male protagonist in the television show, Manmohini , will tie the knot with Nupur, senior marketing manager at a multinational company, on February 4. The actor tells BT, “The marriage & pre-wedding rituals will be a close-knit affair, & they will be held at a resort in Uttarakhand. I have to plan a reception for my friends in Mumbai & a party in my hometown, Meerut, too.”

Talking about his ladylove, he says, “Nupur & I have been classmates since kindergarten & friends for almost 20 years now. In our case, the dialogue, ‘Pyaar dosti hai’ (from the 1998 Bollywood hit, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) is true. We have already spent almost a lifetime together, witnessed the highs & lows with changing circumstances, & accepted each other the way we are. There were times when we were in different cities, even different countries for some time, but we stood by each other through everything.

We have come a long way & I am happy that this beautiful relationship is culminating in marriage. I am both nervous & excited to take this step with Nupur.”

Like any other relationship, theirs, too, has weathered the test of time & come out stronger. Ankit shares, “There was a time when, as individuals, we went through major changes because of our professions. The way we looked at life was totally different; our approaches were poles apart. I believe everyone hits that low phase in life, which gradually passes, & it all depends on how you emerge out of it. Looking back, I think that the turmoils we faced have helped our relationship become stronger.”

Ask Ankit if the fact that he is in a profession full of uncertainties has ever caused any insecurity in their relationship, & he replies, “I have always got my space, even before I joined the industry. Having said that, lifestyle changes & entering a new, unknown space (industry) did affect me. Initially, my insecurities as an actor, & the battle to prove myself created a bubble around me. I could not feel anything except my desire to be an actor; I was very vulnerable. But thankfully, Nupur & I survived that phase, too, & we have both come to the conclusion that acceptance is the only solution. Accept life the way it is — good or bad. What matters is that it should be taken care of, together.”