Anupama Gowda embarks on his first solo trip to Vietnam

TV host and actress from Kannada, Anupama Gowda You are making the most of your trip in Vietnam. Anupama, who is on an eight-day trip to the country, has been posting photos of his first solo trip. “Many people around me were traveling alone, and at the beginning, I was very hesitant and was afraid to go alone to a foreign country, because I have never been to a solo trip in India, let alone outside the country. . So, I asked my friends and they suggested that I travel to Vietnam. In fact, I was very scared the first day I arrived here, but now I am in love with this place and the people here, ”says the actress.

Yes, I looked for Indian restaurants ...

Although Anupama loves every part of her trip to Vietnam, the actress wants homemade food. I went looking for Indian restaurants, but I didn't find any. I am missing homemade food. That said, I am testing the local rate here. I've tried egg noodles, fried rice and more so far, ”she says.

Explore, experience ...

The trip, says Anupama, is about being spontaneous and trying new things. It was the first time that I did not draw up an elaborate plan for my trip and did not book any hotel. In fact, I stayed in a hostel and had to share my room with others. This is something I did for the first time. I can't share my room with anyone and I did it. Speaking of news, I also rented a bicycle and went to explore the city. I've never done that in Bangalore, says Anupama, who also tested the coffee with egg and tried her hand at karate for the first time ever. “Even though I enjoy coffee in general, I didn’t particularly enjoy coffee with egg . I realised it’s not for me,” she sums up.

I tried this here for the first time ...

  • Coffee with egg
  • I stayed in a hostel and shared a room.
  • He took a bike ride alone and explored the city
  • He sat on a railroad track and took a picture

During a solo trip, you must remember ...

Anupama says that reading a little before traveling always makes traveling to that particular place easier. some tips she shared ...

- Read and understand how currency exchange works

- Try the local cuisine as much as possible

- Do not fall for sales or discounts in branded stores. Actually, it is expensive when you convert the currency and buy in a foreign country

- Try to buy locally produced items and artifacts, which are not available in your country

- It is safer to try the usual tours.