Mike Pompeo sees 'real odds' of Iran trying to attack US troops

WASHINGTON: Secretary of State of the United States Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that I ran will probably try to attack after a killed a top I ran ian commander.

"We think there is a real likelihood I ran will make a mistake and make a decision to go after some of our forces, military forces in Iraq or soldiers in northeast Syria," he told Fox News in remarks aired Sunday.

His comments came as the military advisor to I ran 's supreme leader said there would be a "military" response "against military sites" by Tehran after the US killing of , the powerful commander of I ran 's Quds Force, the foreign operations arm of its Revolutionary guards .

"It would be a big mistake for I ran to go after them," Pompeo said.

The United States has about 60,000 soldiers in the region, including about 5,200 in Iraq. Washington ordered thousands more soldiers to the Middle East Friday after the murder of Soleimani.

We are preparing for all kinds of responses, including cyber attacks, Pompeo said.

The chief of the I ran -backed Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah on Sunday also singled out the US army as a target for reprisals after the killing of Soleimani and a senior Iraqi commander.

The US military killed them and will pay the price, said Hassan Nasrallah, based in Lebanon.

Outraged by the deadly, the Iraqi Parliament urged the government on Sunday to end the presence of US-led coalition forces in the country.

They have been there since 2014, when Baghdad invited them to support local troops fighting against the Islamic State group.

The Iraqi cabinet would have to approve any decision, but the prime minister had previously indicated his support for the expulsion of troops.

We will have to take a look at what we do when the Iraqi leaders and government make a decision, Pompeo told Fox when asked if the United States would leave Iraq if the government requests it.