Fascists in control, says Rahul about JNU violence; BJP seeks research on the role of 'tukde tukde gang'

NEW DELHI: Opposition parties on Sunday attacked the BJP for violence in JNU, with the leader Rahul Gandhi claiming that the fascists in control of the country are afraid of the voices of brave students, but the ruling party sought an investigation into the role of the tukde tukde gang in the incident.

BJP leader and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, a former student of the JNU, described the violence as horrible and said the Modi government wants universities to be safe spaces for all students.

Violence broke out at Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday night after masked men armed with sticks attacked students and teachers and damaged property on campus, prompting the administration to call the police.

At least 18 people, including the president of the JNU Student Union, Aishe Ghosh, were injured.

Gandhi expressed shock at the incident and said it was a reflection of fear that the fascists in control of our nation have of the students.

The brutal attack on JNU students and teachers by masked thugs, which has left many seriously injured, is shocking. The fascists who control our nation fear the voices of our brave students. The violence today in JNU is a reflection of that fear, he said in a tweet.

BJP spokesman Nalin Kohli said that violence in any form should be condemned, but added that it is equally important to keep in mind that a certain group of people in JNU subscribes to a mentality that demands the dismemberment of India and considers the death sentence of a terrorist known for the Supreme Court being an act of murder.

These people are often called tukde tukde gangs, he said, and added, obviously his ideology cannot be peace. It must be determined what their specific role is in this culture of violence, especially in this incident today.

BJP and its affiliates refer to groups with alleged sympathy with Maoists and Islamists as tukde tukde gang.

The JNUSU controlled by the left and the ABVP, which is affiliated with the RSS Hindutva group, blamed each other for the violence that continued for almost two hours.

The CPM leader said the reports point to a collusion between the administration and the ABVP thugs to inflict violence on students and teachers.

It is an attack planned by those in power, who fears the resistance provided by the UNH to its Hindutva agenda, he said.

The leader of Congress, P Chidambaram, said images of violence were captured in videos showing masked men entering JNU shelters and attacking students.

If it is happening on live television, it is an act of impunity and can only happen with the support of the government. This is amazing, he said.

Expressing his surprise at the violence, Sitharaman tweeted: Horrible images of JNU: the place I know and remember was one for fierce debates and opinions, but never violence. I unequivocally condemn today's events. This government, regardless of what has been said in recent weeks, wants universities to be safe spaces for all students.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, S Jaishankar, also a former student of the UNJ, tweeted: I have seen pictures of what is happening in #JNU. Condemns violence unequivocally. This is completely against the tradition and culture of the university.