Violence on the JNU campus: main developments

NEW DELHI: Violence broke out at Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday night when masked men armed with sticks attacked students and teachers and damaged property on campus. At least 18 people, including the president of the Aishe Ghosh Student Union, were injured. Here are the latest developments:

JNUSU blames ABVP for violence

The JNU student union said its president Aishe Ghosh and many other students were injured in the throwing of stones by ABVP members. Ghosh has been admitted to AIIMS to receive treatment. The JNUSU stated that ABVP members with masks moved around the campus with lathis, bars and hammers.

Members of the student groups backed by the left claimed that foreigners were allowed to enter the campus and entered shelters, including shelters for girls.

25 of our seriously injured members, 11 missing: ABVP

ABVP alleged that its members, including its secretary of the JNU unit, were attacked by members of the student teams backed by the left and that 11 of the RSS-affiliated team members were missing.

About 25 students have been seriously injured in this attack and there is no information on the whereabouts of 11 students, ABVP said. According to the ABVP , his secretary of the JNU unit and his presidential candidate JNUSU last year, Manish Jangid, were seriously injured. Many students have suffered head injuries and some remain missing.

Interior Minister speaks with Delhi CP, MHA seeks report

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah spoke with Commissioner Amulya Patnaik about the situation at JNU and ordered an investigation by a senior police officer about the violence that broke out Sunday night, authorities said. It is also believed that Shah ordered the police commissioner to take all possible measures to ensure peace in JNU.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also sought a report from the Delhi police on the situation prevailing in the prestigious institution and the steps taken to restore peace.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development seeks an immediate report from the UN registry

The DRH Ministry requested an immediate report from JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar on Sunday about the situation on campus. We have looked for an immediate report from the UNJ registrar about the situation on campus. We have spoken with the vice chancellor and the Delhi police officers to ensure that peace is maintained on campus, authorities said.

Flag march held within the JNU campus

Delhi police conducted a flag march inside the JNU campus and said the situation is under control. Delhi police entered the UN campus on Sunday at the request of the university administration after a confrontation between two groups of students, authorities said.

The university team administration called police to restore law and order on campus, they said.

Jaishankar, Sitharaman condemns

Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, both alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University, condemned violence on the university team on Sunday night.

I have seen photos of what is happening in JNU. Condemns violence unequivocally. This is completely against the tradition and culture of the university, Jaishankar tweeted.

Horrible images of JNU: the place I know and remember was one for fierce debates and opinions but never violence. I unequivocally condemn today's events. This government, regardless of what has been said in recent weeks, wants universities to be safe spaces for all students, Sitharaman tweeted.

LG orders the police to restore order on the JNU campus

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal He urged Anil Baijal to restore order on the JNU campus after violence broke out there and LG said he ordered the police to take action against the perpetrators.

He spoke with the honorable LG and urged him to direct the police to restore order. He has assured that he is closely monitoring the situation and taking all necessary measures, Kejriwal tweeted.

Shortly after the tweet, Baijal condemned the violence and said he had directed the police to take all possible measures to maintain law and order.

The violence in JNU 'reflection of fear' that 'fascists in control of our nation' have of the students: Rahul

The leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, expressed his shock at the violence in JNU and said it was a reflection of fear that the fascists in control of our nation have of the students.

The brutal attack on JNU students and teachers by masked thugs, which has left many seriously injured, is shocking. The fascists who control our nation fear the voices of our brave students. JNU's violence today is a reflection of that fear, he said in a tweet.

The JNU administrator says the 'law and order' situation on campus

Following the unprecedented violence at Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday, the administration of the university team said there was a public order situation on campus and that the police had been called to maintain order.

According to the urgent message to the JNU Community, the Registrar said there was a law order situation on the JNU campus. Masked criminals armed with sticks are wandering around, damaging property and attacking people.

abused outside JNU

Swaraj Abhiyan's boss, Yogendra Yadav, was allegedly abused outside the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Yadav said there was no one to stop vandalism and that he was not allowed to talk to the media.

He claimed that police personnel were standing but doing nothing, saying if the police are afraid, they can take off their uniform.

Yechury slams ABVP for JNU violence

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury blamed the ABVP for the violence that broke out in JNU and alleged that the attacks were planned by those in power.

Reports coming from JNU point to a collusion between the administration and goons of ABVP to inflict violence on students and teachers. It is a planned attack by those in power, which is afraid of the resistance provided by JNU to its Hindutva agenda.

Masked attackers entered JNU while law enforcement officers waited. This video is what RSS/BJP want to convert to India. They will not be allowed to succeed, Yechury tweeted.