Winning Dance Dance Junior: Smriti Sarkar lifts the trophy

Well, the wait is over. The first season of Dance Dance Junior has witnessed the winner. The young participant Smriti Sarkar from Nadia has won the title. Soumit Barman has won the second prize, while Sohan Haque has won the third prize.

Mahaguru Mithun Chakraborty He praised other participants Pratiti Das and Rimjhim Chanda. Srijan Ghosh, unfortunately, could not act because of his hand injury. Mithun Soham Chakraborty , Srabanti and other judges boosted Srijan’s will power and asked him to continue his passion. Sujan received a special prize from Mahaguru for his consistent performance through out the journey.

Well, the end was indeed a gala affair. Govinda and Karishma Kapoor graced the show. The hit jodi of the 90's rocked the dance floor with their smashing hits like ‘Sona Kitna Sona Hai’. The audience went gaga seeing Govinda and Karishma setting the stage on fire. Govinda shared how much he respects Mithun as an actor and dancer. In fact, in the early days of his career, someone compared him with Mithun, which Govinda still considers as one of the greatest compliments. Mithun praised Karishma and her dedication towards acting.

The young participants wooed the special guests Govinda and Karishma with their performances. Both of them highly praised the kids and asked them to nurture their talent and chase their passion no matter what.