Mumbai: actors, models among 8 women rescued from a meat trade scam in a suburban hotel

MUMBAI: Eight women, including the next models and actors, were rescued from the Juhu police late Saturday. Six people, including two pimps, have been arrested. Some of the defendants told police they were choosing directors and assistants of television program directors, but their claims have not yet been verified.

We received specific information about the racket on Saturday. Two rooms had been reserved in a hotel located in a remote area. A fake client was sent, said the chief inspector of the Juhu police. After the money was paid and the verification was done, a police team entered and took four men and two women in custody. The two women accused are and. Its agents were identified as, and. All defendants were registered under the provisions of the Immoral Traffic Prevention Law.

Some of the eight women who had been rescued told police they worked on television shows and web series as actors and models. In explaining the modus operandi, a police officer said the pimps would contact customers by phone. They would send pictures of girls to customers on WhatsApp.

Customers were then asked to reserve a hotel room and the room number was transmitted to the girls. Each customer was charged Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per hour. Police said that if the client was rich, he could be charged more.