Divya-Drishti Update, January 4: Divya and Drishti face a difficult challenge

In the last episode of Divya - Drishti , Drishti He says Divya Go and ask Rakshi, who should they invite to the party.

Drishti He says Rakshit & Shikhar that they must all go to the caves. She does this to prove it to Divya that Rakshit & Shikhar are duplicates.

Real Rakshit & Shikhar are trapped in a photo frame & no one could hear their call for help.

When Rakshit & Shikhar keep their hands on the palm print of caves, their hands do not glow. Divya & Drishti confirm that they are duplicates & use their magic to fade them away.

Pishachini He says Divya & Drishti that she has created multiple duplicates of Shikhar & Rakshit & they must find out the real ones by midnight or else they will never come back.

Pishachini says that if they kill any of the duplicates, she will turn one of the Shergill family members into a vegetable.

Divya & Drishti arrive home. A duplicate of Shikhar behaves inappropriately with Simran, & Divya kills him. Pishachini turns Simran into a tomato.

The other duplicates try to harm Romi & Divya had to attack & kill the duplicates to save Romi. Pishachini turns Ashlesha into an orange.

The party begins & Divya put on special lights that make them realise that all the Rakshit s & Shikhar s at the house are duplicates.

Both search for a place where they are trapped, & finally find out that Rakshit & Shikhar are inside the photo frame.

Divya & Drishti fight Pishachini & Chikki. They finally get Rakshit & Shikhar out of the frame.