Vale striker reveals the silence of the Stones after the teasing of the FA Cup

London, January 5 (AFP) Port Vale forward Tom Pope claims that Manchester City defender John Stones refused to talk to him after his confrontation in the FA Cup due to a social media dispute.

The FA City Cup holders won a 4-1 victory over the fourth level Voucher in the third round on Saturday.

But Pope's goal for Vale was the highlight as the 34-year-old man backed his now famous Stones mockery.

Without being impressed by one of his performances for England, Pope made fun of Stones in a tweet last year, claiming he would score 40 goals per season if he faced the defender every week.

All eyes were on her grief and Pope insisted that proved his point to the cancel Oleksandr Zinchenko opener with a good header and then a pass from the Stones to create another chance.

It was just a joke and people dug it up because we drew Man City. It is a center-center world class. Just he said it was not very physical and that's it. If people think I'm wrong, well, I don't care, Pope said.

I talked to (Benjamin) Mendy and told me that all his players had mistreated for weeks to respect and who had angered respect, then obviously I marked and probably devastated.

But only he hoped to have half a chance of trying to save a. The last thing you want to do is be defeated 7-0 after everything that has gone on Twitter, don't score and everyone laughs.

It was nice to shut a few people to support what I said, but water from a duck's back. Anyway, it didn't bother me too much.

City invited Vale players to the locker room after the game and Pope admits that his meeting with Stones did not go well.

They all dragged me in, the Man City players, but Juan didn't talk to me. It was a bit awkward. He shook my hand but he wasn't very happy, he added. Pope insisted that he had no reason to apologize with stones, then tweeting: I would like to say that I was completely wrong and Bang out of order to say that I was going to win a 40 ... season is more like 50. (AFP ) AH AH