A minister resigned, the Maharashtra government will fall under its own weight: Nitin Gadkari

NAGPUR: The alliance between Shiv Sena , Congress and the PCN are unnatural and the government of Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi who formed will collapse by its own weight, minister of the Union Nitin Gadkari He said Sunday.

Speaking to reporters here, the BJP leader also claimed that one of the ministers of the ministry led by Uddhav Thackeray had resigned, but did not specify who this minister was.

During the past two days, there have been reports of discontent in three parts about the portfolio allocation and rumors about some resignations.

This alliance is not natural. Just today, a minister resigned. This government will collapse under its own weight. There is no ideological similarity between the Seine and the Congress-PCN, he said.

Citing an example, Gadkari said that Sena's patriarch, who died in late Bal Thackeray, wanted to expel illegal immigrants from Bangladesh from Mumbai, while the current government opposes it.

Apparently he was referring to the declarations of the Law on Amendment against Citizenship of some sectors of the ruling coalition.

The Seine had abandoned the cause of Hindutva and Marathi hold hands for power, and this was creating widespread anger against the party, he said.

The Nagpur deputy, as part of the BJP campaign in support of the AAC, visited several homes on Sunday, including Muslim homes.