Pakistan has yet to pay its share for the construction of the University of South Asia campus: MEA

NEW DELHI: Pakistan He still has to pay his share of $ 5.10 lakh for the construction of the University of South Asia (SAU) campus here, he said in a written response submitted to a parliamentary committee.

A report by the parliamentary commission said that from 2010 to 2014, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan , India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka made their contribution to the operational cost of the first phase of construction of the university campus.

" Pakistan is yet to pay its share of $510,436," the report mentioned.

The member countries of the South Asian Regional Cooperation Association (SAARC) agreed to bear the operational cost of building the SAU campus with a predetermined portion of the contribution.

According to the parliamentary report, the Government of India had notified 100 acres of land for the SAU in the Maidan Garhi area of ​​Delhi in 2009, of which 93.68 acres were allocated for construction in September 2011. The MEA has the property right of this land, he said.

The construction of the university campus in 4 packages began in 2015. The construction of its border wall and its office was completed under package one, according to the report.

In package two, five buildings would be built on campus and work on four of them was completed before September 30, 2019, he said.

The ongoing construction of a residential block on the SAU campus will only be completed in February 2020, as work was delayed 19 months due to legal obstacles, according to the report.

In package three, 61% of the work was completed until September 30, 2019 and the construction of the rest of the buildings in package 4 has not yet been completed, since several issues related to the acquisition and legality are pending , said.

The MEA told the committee that the delay in the project was mainly due to land invasion, court cases and some objections from the Municipal Corporation and the Pollution Control Committee in Delhi.

The parliamentary commission has asked the government of the Union to solve the problems that hinder construction work.

According to the report, due to the slowness of construction work and the deduction in operating cost, the estimate of the allocation was reduced to Rs 246 crore.

The committee also expressed hope in the project, saying it believes the remaining work will be completed temporarily.