Madhya Pradesh man fined for the history of mice-ate my passport

BHOPAL: Here is a reminder: your passport is owned by the government and it is probably a good idea to keep it with family jewelry. An applicant for a duplicate passport learned this the hard way when he was fined Rs 5,000 for claiming that the rats gnawed his passport.

The authorities explained that he was fined for careless handling of the passport. Regional passport officer Rashmi Baghel told TOI that when a passport is issued, the holder is expected to take care of it.

“It is, after all, owned by the government. If someone applies for a new passport in the damaged category, they have to pay a fine, along with the usual rate. In this case, some pages of the passport had been completely gnawed. He confessed that the passport lay between his books and that his house was infested with mice. Therefore, he had to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 for damages to government property, since he could not keep the document in a safe place where he could not suffer any damage, Baghel said.

Such extreme cases, in which entire passport pages are missing, do not come very often, Baghel said. “A few months ago, another man came to us with his tattered passport. He said he forgot to take it out of his pocket after the trip when he threw all his clothes in the washing machine, ”he said. Squirted and dried, most of the passport crumbled into small pieces.

“The passport is a serious document and should not be taken casually. The man whose passport was washed also had to pay a heavy fine since most of the pages disappeared and there was severe damage to the front and back pages, ”added the RPO. It is so serious, in fact, that if someone applies twice in the category of damaged, he can be treated as a habitual offender and denied a new passport.

“Damage from water spills and ink stains are common. We receive many of these cases, and we understand that mishaps happen. But the cases in which pages are missing are very serious, since the applicant may be involved in some illegal activity. Therefore, if the RPO discovers that a person has applied for a new passport in the damage category more than once, they can reject the application because that person is not able to handle a government document, Baghel explained.