Sembaruthi Update, January 4: Parvathy wins laurels from Akhilandeswari and his family

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Akhilandeswari As part of the quality control are many garments of poor quality. She reprimands her staff and Parvathy too.

Upon Parvathy’s request, Akhilandeswari gives her a few hours to rectify the mistake. Meanwhile, Nandhini ’S men update her about their recent activity in Akhilandeswari’ s factory.

Akhilandeswari shares with the family members the recent happenings in the factory. Vanaja use this opportunity to speak ill about Parvathy. Vanaja mocks Parvathy and demands to accept her defeat and resignation from her post of Goodwill ambassador. As Parvathy heads to sign the resignation letter, Akhilandeswari gets a call from a client appreciating Parvathy’s recent work. The client expresses their interest in giving more business to Akhilandeswari’s company.n Parvathy explains all her efforts and ideas in the product delivery. Akhilandeswari and other family members heap praises on Parvathy. Adithya also appreciates her.n Nandhini is worried about losing to Parvathy. Meanwhile, the blackmailer calls and demands Nandhini the Rs. 50 lakhs that she promised but evaded. Nandhini offers the blackmailer Rs 1 crore if he kills anyone from Akhilandeswari, Adithya and Parvathy. The blackmailer refuses to cause any harm to them. This leaves Nandhini infuriated.

A hearing and speech impaired girl visits Akhilandeswari’s office seeking donations for their orphanage. Akhilandeswari uses the skill of the girl in decoding Adithya’s message for her in the hospital and succeeds to some extent.