Wondering what to give to the newly married couple? Here is the list!

Cutlery, wall clocks, pressure cookers, ceramic sets and bouquets are among the common wedding gift items in Indian weddings. They are so common that it is not unlikely that a newly married couple will end up with two, three or even a dozen of each. To save themselves from lots and lots of such unwanted gifts, millennial couples are increasingly opting to register gifts at their weddings. The registration of wedding gifts, a popular concept in the West, but quite new in India, essentially allows couples to list the gifts they would like and offers guests the option to purchase them through online store links.

“When my older sister got married, she got at least 20 versions of an item, whether it's vases, cutlery or even pressure cookers. So much so, that some of them are still lying in our store to be given away at someone else's wedding, IT professional Tanya Sinha laughs. And so, he decided to opt for gift registration at his own wedding last December.


Aditi Mehta, co-founder of the Indian wedding gift registration company Wishtry, shares: “In a country like India, asking for gifts becomes a matter of 'shame', and it is believed that if someone gives you something for love, no It must be neglected However, what we forget is the amount of waste that these big fat Indian weddings create and the gifts comprise a quarter of that waste. Indians do not want to go to a wedding empty-handed, so the least they do is bring a bouquet of flowers. However, that bouquet, which costs them around ₹ 300 to 500, will only be thrown the next day. In addition, not only one, but another 100 guests will appear with such bouquets. Without even realizing it, we are adding to existing waste.

The wedding gift registration websites allow one to give couples the items they want or choose the option in cash, from ₹ 500 to ₹ 50,000 and more. Couples who do not want gifts in kind can specify the same in their registration and use the cash they gave them for their honeymoon, or to buy something of their own choice, says Kanika Subbaih, founder of the Indian wedding registration website Wedding Wish List She adds: “The gift scene has evolved, and today, young couples want to start their new life without problems. They don't want huge sofas and almirahs. Instead, opt for what is suitable for your fast lifestyle. Therefore, these websites are making their lives easier.

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Dr. Supriya Menon and her husband Harishankar, who recently married and moved to Mumbai, had to start from scratch and didn't want a lot of mess to take them to their new home. “We all know that people end up with unwanted gifts at their weddings. Instead, I wanted things that were useful for my new beginning. In addition, his friends and close relatives keep asking him what he wants for his wedding, because they also fear giving him something unnecessary. Then, I listed the things we wanted and sent them the wish list URLs. It facilitated our life and theirs. ” In addition, these websites also deal with other logistics, such as delivery.

However, despite the convenience of this option, the Indians have taken a while to get used to. For example, Shaili Parekh, based in Mumbai, who after receiving several unwanted things at his wedding, advised his brother to opt for gift registration at his wedding in February 2020. The idea was met with a lot of resistance . Honestly speaking, Indians are skeptical when it comes to asking for gifts. In addition, it is a difficult task to convince the elderly, since they come from a generation in which it is believed that everything that the guests give you should be considered a blessing. Initially it was a task for me, but I finally convinced our families to opt for this. ”

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That does not mean that the trend is not picking up here. Thanks to celebrities like Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Deepika Padukone –Ranveer Singh, who opted for wedding gift registrations at their weddings, Aditi says: “There is definitely an increase in the number of couples who opt for this, especially in the last two years. Last year, during the wedding season, we had about 50 wedding gift records. This year, the number has reached 200 so far, which is more than double.

Illustration by: Dheeraj Dixit