Riva Kishan: I cried when I saw my father crying in Bigg Boss

TV show big boss It may have entered its 13th edition, but the memories of the first season of the show remain intact in the minds of the audience. The season featured actors like Ravi Kishan & Rahul roy stars like Rakhi Sawant & models like Carol Thank you . The season was organized by Arshad Warsi & was high on drama, thrill & novelty.

When we recently met Ravi Kishan ’s daughter, actress Riva Kishan, who made her debut with Sab Kushal Mangal, we asked her to share her memories of watching her father locked up in a house with a host of people, some of who he didn’t quite know. She said, “Even at the risk of revealing my age, I can tell you that I must have been eight or nine years old when I saw him on that show. I remember certain parts of it, I don’t remember full episodes. During one of the elimination episodes, he heard someone’s child crying in the studio from where Arshad Warsi was communicating with them. Papa got teary-eyed & said, “Arrey bhai bacchon se mila do!” That made me cry when I was home. I cried when I saw him crying & I cried when he got evicted. I thought, hum itne saare ho kar bhi unko jita nahi paaye. I felt miserable that he didn’t win.”