The statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic was shattered again

COPENHAGEN: The statue of the Ibrahimovic latan in his hometown of Malmo was destroyed during Saturday night, Swedish police reported.

The statue has been the target of numerous attacks since the Swedish footballer invested in Hammarby, based in Stockholm, enraging supporters of Malmo FF, the club where he began his professional career.

In November, one day after his investment in Hammarby, Ibrahimovic filed a hate crime complaint after the statue was attacked with fire and paint and the word Judas appeared at the door of his house in Stockholm.

In the last incident, the statue had collapsed against the barrier that protected it, its feet partially cut.

A complaint of vandalism has been filed, a police spokesman told AFP.

There are calls from local inhabitants for the statue outside the stadium in the city of Malmo to be moved.

I can understand that many people are disappointed by Zlatan's behavior, but tearing apart a statute is simply unworthy. It is better to express your dissatisfaction in a democratic way, Malmo Vice Mayor Frida Trollmyr told AFP.

In February, it will be considered a citizen initiative to move the sculpture, he added.

Ibrahimovic, 38, will debut for the former AC Milan club in A series Monday after signing a six month contract with former European champions last week.