To be among the top 10 in the world, the Delhi Zoo plans virtual reality and the mobile application

NEW DELHI: with the aim of being among the 10 best zoos in the world, the National Zoological Park of Delhi has planned to introduce technology that allows visitors to approach animals and a mobile application based on GPS to make visits to the zoo are More attractive and informative.

Virtual reality headsets will allow visitors to see animals up close. People will find themselves standing next to a tiger, hugging a deer or petting an elephant, the director said.

They can see and play in front of them and not just sit under a tree.

The best zoos around the world have turned to technology to improve the visitor experience. The government also wants the Delhi Zoo to be among the top 10 in the world. Virtual reality and a mobile application are steps in that direction, he said.

Range Officer said: Technology will change people's perspective. It will allow visitors to interact with animals without disturbing them. It will be an exciting adventure.

With the mobile application based on GPS and bluetooth beacons, visits to the zoo will be more attractive and educational.

Currently, boards placed outside each enclosure only contain limited information in the form of text and images. The mobile application will attract visitors with text, images, audio and video content about the zoo's inhabitants.

Visitors spend much of their time at the zoo locating the animals, finding the right address, etc. Many times they return with a not so good experience. The mobile application will do well.

Download the application and put it in, it will be that simple. Using the beacon technology, the application will tell visitors what is on your left, right, forward. Upon arriving at the site, it will provide all the information related to the animal: its habitat, food, behavior and others, Buxy said.

The ideas have been discussed and tenders will be submitted in the next three months, he said.