Rudranil goes to Thailand!

Rudranil Ghosh is flying towards Thailand Sunday night to announce his birthday, which is January 6. “I want to be alone on this birthday. I need some of my time. On Saturday, I decided that I would be alone this birthday and I just bought the air tickets. I know that my friends will get angry since they come to my house to wish me on my birthday, but this time, I really wanted to be alone. I will return on Thursday, ”said the actor. He added: From the end of January I will start shooting for the film Drakula Master by Debaloy Bhattacharya, where Anirban Bhattacharya & Mimi Chakraborty They are part of the cast. From February, I will be in Mumbai, as we will film the last stage of the Amit Sharma movie.

We hear that Rudranil is dating a girl who is not from the industry & will tie the knot soon. But the actor said with a smile: “I will let the world know when I get married. As of now, I am dating myself.