Gokul pithe is my favorite: Priyanka Sarkar

Priyanka Sarkar Enjoy every bit of winter. Just Christmas and New Year After the holidays, the actress addressed Pithe Puli Utsav at a nearby club Bagha Jatin in the south of Calcutta. While Priyanka follows a strict dietary regimen, it is this time that she is full of delicious products. This year, along with Priyanka, Yash and Kanchan Mullick They were also seen enjoying the festival.

“Gokul pithe is my favorite and dudh puli too. Many extraordinary women meet here with their articles and I am filled with them. I am very fond of pithe. My didan (grandmother) makes some final articles. But she is getting older and therefore I can't eat much. Here, at the festival, I enjoy. All these are homemade sweets. Some of the participants give a touch to these sweet dishes and make strawberry flakes, salted flakes, etc. ”Said Priyanka.

But what happens to her fitness regimen? “ New Year parties are over and I am back to my exercising domain. I do not usually eat sweet. These two days were cheat days,” Priyanka said with a smile.