Meghna Gulzar says there is still a lot that not many would know about Laxmi's story

The next movie starring Chhapaak Deepika Padukone It is based on real events. The actress plays the character named Malti, who in real life is the story of the survivor of an acid attack. Laxmi Agarwal . The movie is directed by Meghna Gulzar who tells why it is important to tell the story of Laxmi and there are many things and stories that people will not know about Laxmi that will be shown in the movie.

Meghna says: Laxmi's story is known to everyone. But there are many things that not everyone would know about her and that is where that trip is made from knowing her story from the outside to knowing her more through this movie.

In addition, he explained: Without distorting the facts and exaggerating reality, I had to make the film attractive. I had to connect with the public and that was when the job of filmmaker, costume designer, production, music and everything else come together to tell a story.

Vikrant Massey He will also play the role of Amol (Malti's partner). The film is scheduled to premiere on January 10, 2020.