How to do Chawanprash at home

How to do Chawanprash at home

Winter is nothing without Chawanprash, the sticky paste they gave us daily in the cold winter months, without a doubt brings a wave of nostalgia. This Ayurvedic health and immunity reinforcement has been an integral part of everyone's life and is a staple in every home. Chawanprash is made with Indian currants, commonly known as amla and many Ayurvedic herbs. This combination of herbs and spices is loaded with health benefits and protects us from bacterial and viral infections. Apart from all this, it nourishes the mucous membrane and clears the respiratory passage.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demands of Chawanprash, which again raises the question about product quality. What you buy in the market will surely have artificial ingredients and preservatives to increase its shelf life. So why opt for those things when you can easily prepare them at home? This simple recipe has all the natural ingredients you can find in your home.


½ kg of Indian gooseberry/Amla

⅓ cup of ghee

400 grams of brown sugar/Gud

Few saffron threads/Kesar

Ingredients secos:

2 dried bay leaves/Tej Patta

5-6 grams of dried ginger/saunth

2 cinnamon sticks/Dalchini

10 grams of bamboo mana/Vanshalochan

7-8 long pepper/pipli

5 grams of saffron

1 nutmeg/jaiphal

8 green cardamom/Choti Elaichi

8-10 Clove/Laung

10 black pepper/Kali Mirch


Take all the dry ingredients and grind them into very fine powder. Sift the powder into a bowl and set it aside. Take brown sugar and break it into small pieces.

Prepare the gooseberry paste

First wash all the berries well and pierce with a fork. Now, take a pressure cooker and fill it with 2 cups of water. Add berries and cook under pressure for two whistles. Let the pressure decrease and then remove the soft berries from the pot. Wait for them to cool slightly and remove the seeds. Grind the berries until there are no lumps in the mash.


Cook the pasta

In a nonstick skillet, add ghee. Now, add the prepared puree to the pan and cook for a while over low heat. The mixture will thicken a bit and lose its excess water. Add the jaggery and combine them well. It will thicken again and the color of the mixture will have a brown hue. Stir constantly for 5-7.



After some time, you will notice that the mixture will start to come out of the sides, at this point, add the powdered spices and mix well. Add saffron threads and stir again. Let it cook for another 2 minutes and remove it from the flame. Now, set it aside to cool and then transfer the Chawanprash to a clean jar

This can be consumed as such or you can add it to the milk as well. Do not use it in summers because it contains many herbs that can overheat the body. You can also give this to babies over two years old in small amounts.