Pradipta and Ritwick conclude their musical animation

The musical animation, which presents the actor. Ritwick Chakraborty , everything is ready to launch. The 14-minute musical short is directed by Pradipta Bhattacharyya. The last moment is in the process of editing and the team is very excited about the launch.

“This is my first complete animation project. Ritwick is a live character there. We have used stop motion, 3D, 2D and other animation techniques for the movie. I have always been very interested in animation. When I got the story pattern and they asked me to work on the Stop Motion animation, I was filled with joy. I have written the script and my friend, Amit Bagchi, is working on animation, said the director.

The film was filmed largely with visual effects. From characters to objects and backgrounds: images are recreated through animation. In preparing the content, the directors said: The story revolves around a corporate man who craves a little illusion, slow inactivity. It represents the eternal love of the Bengalis for lyad, said the director.

Ritwick plays the only live action character and everything else in the box will be recreated using computer graphics. “This is something new for me. It's quite interesting. We're filming with a chrome background. I know, Pradipta loves animation. I'm also learning a lot, ”said Ritwick. The video presents a wonderful song composed by the musical director Anirban Ajoy Das . The song is sung by the popular Bengali play singer Dibyendu Mukherjee.