Gorintaku Update, January 4: Srivalli files a police complaint against Parthu

In the last episode of Gorintaku Bheemanna's wife welcomes Parthu back into their gang. But after learning that Parthu has come to question Bheemanna regarding Nivedh’s murder, she warns him (Parthu) against buying new troubles by confronting him. Parthu says he is prepared for the consequences and leaves.

Farhad tries to help Murthy understand how serious Parthu is to prove his innocence. Murthy requests Farhad not to bother their family until they procure enough evidence. Janaki arrives and lashes out at Murthy for believing Farhad’s words. Farhad apologises to Janaki for bothering their family.

Preethi and Gauthami try to help Srivalli understand Parthu’s condition as well. Srivalli justifies her hatred towards Parthu and further vows to file a police complaint against him to get justice for Nivedh’s murder. Nikhil backs Srivalli and asks Preethi to understand their pain too. Preethi tells how Srivalli and Parthu mean the world to her and further apologises to Srivalli.

Srivalli takes Parthu’s name while updating Murthy regarding a few household chores and realises how he has been an inseparable part of their lives. While Gauthami tells her the same, Srivalli says she is trying to forget Parthu.

Parthu stops Srivalli on her way to the shop. He drags her to the police station demanding to file a police complaint against him so that his innocence is proved. Farhad requests Parthu to think twice about this because it can put his life at risk. Upon the insistence of the police inspector who wants to arrest Parthu, Srivalli files a complaint about Nivedh’s murder.