The Kapil Sharma Show update, January 5: Ajay and Kajol entertain with Kapil and the show's cast.

The Kapil Sharma show update, January 5: Ajay & Kajol are entertained by Kapil & the show's cast

In the last episode of The Kapil Sharma show, Titli's younger sister, Kusum comes home but Baccha Yadav is not happy to welcome you.

Bhurri is not ready to share her room with Kusum & jokes that people who come from Punjab stay here, & don’t go back. Kaccha comes back from school & says, he too will not give his room to Kusum.

Kaccha was asked to leave home. Everyone enters the house.

Kapil Sharma comes back on the stage & wishes everyone a happy new year on behalf of the channel.

He welcomes the special guests, Ajay Devgn & Kajol on the show. Kapil congratulates Ajay on his 100th film & he congratulated Kapil on completion of 100 episodes.

Kapil recalls that Sanjay Dutt mentioned on the show why he thinks Ajay is his doctor. He shows a clip of Sanjay & Kajol agrees that he gives medicine & also gives advice along with it.

Accha Yadav (the foreigner character of Kiku Sharda) enters the stage & says he is Baccha Yadav’s brother & has returned from London. He entertains Ajay & Kajol with his jokes & funny accent.

Kapil plays a game with Ajay & Kajol , asks them questions to know how well the duo know each other.

Bua enters the stage & is excited to see the couple at the show. Bua spends time talking to them & entertains the audience.

Kapil asks the couple some more questions about their family life & they answer these questions.

Sapna comes in & brings a sweet dish for Ajay & Kajol . Sapna tells Ajay & Kajol about the different types of massages she provides in her parlour. Sapna leaves the stage after making everyone laugh at her jokes.

Kapil mentions about Ajay ’s contribution to the society & thanks him for helping the needy ones. Kapil bids Kajol & Ajay a goodbye & gives them best wishes.