Naagin Update January 4, 4: Manyata takes his first step towards revenge

In the last episode of Naagin 4 , Manas The brothers warn Vrinda not to tell anybody about his girlfriend. Vrinda escapes from them and hides under a table.

Manas goes up on the terrace and sees Manyata & Nayantara .

Manyata severely injures him & throws him down from the terrace. Manas falls down at the wedding mandap.

Rushali thinks that the Naagin’s daughter is alive & she could be the one to harm Manas .

Doctor says that Manas is in a coma.

Rushali's brother-in-law tells him that Rushika's family withdrew from the marriage.

Pandit ji asks Manyata to recall if she has ever left her daughter alone. Manyata says that someone might have exchanged her daughter when the Lal tekdi incident happened.

Pandit ji tells her that she will get the answers to her questions at the Maayavi desert, & she must find the book in which she will get to know everything about her daughter.

Nayantara reaches at Dev ’s house & tells him, she had to fight some goons on the way who were behaving inappropriately with a girl & she got hurt.

Nayantara tries to get close to Dev when he applies medicine to her wounds.

Vrinda slips in the kitchen & Dev comes to help her apply medicine to her ankle.

Rushali sees Dev & Nayantara walking together & wonders that Nayantara belongs to a rich family & she will be fit to be Dev ’s life partner.

Rushali comes to Vrinda ’s house & tells her that she must try to convince Dev to consider marrying Nayantra. Vrinda agrees to help Rushali.

Dev asks Nayantara out for a sufi concert.