Zalak treats his support staff with a luxurious lunch on January 1

It's not just talent and hard work that makes a star: many things happen behind the scenes. If you ever wondered why an actor's hair is never out of place or his costumes and makeup so well done, there is a large army of professionals to be recognized. The support staff of several actors is a support system for them, nothing less. With several years of association, they tend to become the extended family of stars. So taking that into account, TV actor Zalak Desai decided to welcome the New Year with your staff and delight them with a sumptuous lunch in an elegant restaurant. She treated her costume stylist, makeup artist and stylist on set with a luxurious lunch. She said: I feel that your support staff is your true family. They are with you all year and take care of their smallest details on the set or otherwise. It would be crazy not to think about them when you welcome them to the new year with your family. I thought it was the best idea not only to reward them, but also to appreciate their efforts and love for me. I am happy to have a good support staff.