The collapse of the building in Cambodia increases to 29 when the search enters the third day

KEP (CAMBODIA): The death toll from the collapse of a building in the south Cambodia It rose to 29 on Sunday morning, when a frantic search for dead and wounded entered a third day.

Hundreds of soldiers and rescuers worked overnight using excavators, drills and electric saws to clean the concrete after a seven-story hotel on the coast collapsed on Friday.

Initially, the authorities estimated that 30 workers were trapped under the flattened structure.

But the provincial spokesman, Ros Udong, told AFP that the number of wounded and dead was higher than expected, as more bodies were recovered in the early hours of Sunday.

In addition to the 29 dead, Udong said, 23 survivors were removed.

Five children were among the dead, according to rescuers.

Cambodia is undergoing a construction boom, with hotels, high-rises and casinos springing up under little regulatory oversight.

According to the International Labor Organization, hard work, and often dangerous, is carried out by some 200,000 construction workers, mostly unskilled, who depend on daily wages and are not protected by union regulations.

Workers' advocacy groups point to low safety standards that increase the risk of accidents at construction sites, which often serve as temporary homes for workers and their families.

Worker Ei Kosal told AFP on Saturday that he, his wife and two other women were eating at the scene when the building collapsed.

His two companions were crushed and immediately killed.

He did not expect to survive ... it is as if he had just been reborn, Kosal said while recovering in the hospital.

In June, 28 people died after the collapse of a building under construction in Sihanoukville, a beach town flush with Chinese investment as Cambodia seeks to make it the "New ".