Historical maximum: 157 athletes caught by doping in 2019

NEW DELHI: Indian athletes embarrassed the country for a record 157 times in the past year with their participation in drug-related activities, statistics compiled by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NOTHING), which also launched the campaign to test a total of 40 Cricket players, some of whom have put on national colors, during the four-month period that begins in September 2019 when the Indian Cricket board (BCCI) decided to allow its Cricket ers to be tested by NADA.

The statistics accessed by TOI also revealed that 2019 witnessed the NADA anti-doping disciplinary panel (ADDP) that delivered a record number of punishments to 147 athletes for resorting to drugs that improve performance, which is a high figure from the start of NOTHING in 2005.

In addition, in the last 10 years of the history of the NADA anti-doping campaign, in 2019 the maximum number of drug traps was detected - 157 - with players of athletics, fighting, weightlifting, judo and Weightlifting heading the table. NADA evaluated a total of 4,236 athletes in the past year: the figures for the competing events were 2,126 athletes and out of competition at 2,110.

Talking about Cricket ers, NADA's dope-control officers (DCOs) collected samples of 22 Cricket ers during the in-competition testing and that of 18 during out-of-competition. The samples collected are also from the ongoing Ranji Trophy accessories According to sources, some of them have been found to be borderline cases and additional scientific research is being carried out.

In another high figure of all time, blood samples were collected from 287 athletes and 58 other athletes evaluated as part of the athletes' biological passport scheme. NOTHING has also prepared a list of 150 elite athletes, including those who have a high probability of converting the Indian contingent to the Tokyo 2020 Games. Such athletes will be evaluated at least three times before leaving for the Games. These players are athletics, hockey, boxing, shooting, archery, badminton , lucha libre, Weightlifting y tennis disciplines

El atletismo encabezó la tabla con un número máximo de recolección de muestras en 1203, seguido de boxeo en 404, Weightlifting 352 y lucha libre 214 en 2019.