Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 83: Kuri Prathap believes that Bhoomi Shetty will be evicted; the last and two other contestants are safe

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 , Kiccha Sudeep starts 'Vaarada Kathe Kicchana Jothey' and welcomes the contestants. He wishes the contestants a happy new year and the weekend episode begins.

He comforts Vasuki for the loss of a member of his family and advises him to be strong. Sudeep talks more about the emotional meeting of Deepika, Chandana and Chandhan with their respective mothers. While talking about the same thing, Sudeep talks about Shine's reaction when he found Deepika 's mother. Harish Raj gives a hilarious commentary on how Shine reacted when Deepika's mother entered the house and savagely ignored him. The housemates have a good laughter session.

With Shine Shetty, Vasuki Vaibhav, Bhoomi Shetty & Kuri Prathap Siendo las únicas cuatro personas etiquetadas como objetivos principales durante una tarea, Kiccha Sudeep pregunta si el resto no son competidores lo suficientemente buenos. Los otros concursantes comparten su opinión sobre sus fortalezas & debilidades.

Sudeep luego habla sobre la tarea especial de Prathap de preparar Ottu Shavige para los compañeros de casa. A pedido de Kiccha Sudeep, Chandana elogia las habilidades culinarias de Prathap a pesar de ser muy inexperto. Vasuki & Harish también dan su opinión honesta sobre lo mismo.

Kiccha further interacts with the contestants about the recent incidents that happened during the week. He also advises Deepika to always give her best during the task as she had easily given up during the previous captaincy task. The housemates also share the same opinion.

Kiccha Sudeep questions some of Priyanka's decisions as captain during this week's tasks. When asked if Priyanka was a fair captain, Vasuki reveals that he considered his decisions unfair, since he penalized him in one of the tasks while simply issuing warnings to others.

Kiccha Sudeep applauds Chandhan Achar for his great performance this week. Sudeep then begins the eviction segment.

When Kiccha Sudeep asks the housemates to guess, Kuri Prathap takes Bhoomi Shetty 's name. He further justifies adding that Bhoomi never plays for herself and is always in the shadow of others.

Sudeep later announces Chandhan, Deepika and Bhoomi as the safe contestants and wraps the episode.