Ahmedabad: the owner spends a year in jail after a dog bites four neighbors

AHMEDABAD: If your dog doesn't love your neighbor, he could take you to jail! A Ghodasar resident, Bharesh Pandya (49), was sentenced to one year in jail by a local court on Thursday because his dog had attacked four people in the neighborhood.

The court said that although Pandya had not caused injuries directly to the people, he unleashed his dog, which was a clear act of negligence because the dog attacked its neighbors.

In this case, the state government had demanded a maximum punishment of two years for Pandya under section 338 of the IPC for causing serious injuries and endangering the lives of others. The government presented that its objective was to set an example in society for pet lovers who have pets but do not control them.

According to the details of the case, Pandya's pet, a Doberman named Shakti, had attacked four of his neighbors in the Ashapuri Society in Ghodasar between 2012 and 2014. The dog had attacked three children and an adult Avinash Patel, who presented a FIR vs. Pandya.

Patel filed a complaint at the Isanpur police station in February 2014 alleging that he fell due to the dog's attack and fractured his bones. Prior to this, the dog had bitten Patel's son, Jay, his nephew Takshil and another boy named Vyom Kayasth.

The court showed no indulgence

Bharesh Pandya was signed for negligent conduct regarding an animal and causing serious injuries and endangering the lives of others by unleashing his pet in the residential colony. He pleaded not guilty and invited a trial. Fifteen witnesses were examined.

Metropolitan magistrate additional chief U N Sindhi found Pandya guilty of the crime on Thursday.

While the state government sought exemplary punishment for Pandya, the convict asked for mercy. But the court was not ready to show leniency and punished Pandya with a year in prison and a fine of 1,500 rupees.