Ahmedabad: after 10 years in jail, the father was acquitted of rape of a girl

AHMEDABAD: A decade after his daughter accused him of raping her with his mother's help, a father's terrible experience came to an end after Gujarat's high court recently acquitted him of the grave charge.

The man was housed in jail for 10 years after a city court sentenced him to life imprisonment. The HC ordered his release after his acquittal for lack of evidence to prove the rape accusations made by the daughter. Significantly, the HC discovered that his daughter was an unreliable witness. The court also concluded that the daughter had made the accusations against her father at the request of her boyfriend.

In April 2009, a 16-year-old girl had housed an FIR at the Amraiwadi police station in Ahmedabad accusing her father, an electrician, of raping her. He also accused his mother of being an accomplice to the crime.

In October 2010, the trial court sentenced the father to life imprisonment under Section 376 of the IPC. The mother was acquitted after the daughter, plagued by a guilty conscience, begged the court to forgive the mother since she knew nothing about the case. However, the girl insisted that her father and her boyfriend, Kallu Tomar, be punished.

The trial court found the father guilty of rape despite the fact that the girl did not stick to the version she gave to the police and deviated from her during her deposition.

The father challenged his conviction in the higher court, which found an error in the judgment of the trial court and overturned him. The HC noted: “The victim is a totally unreliable witness. It is very sad to notice the circumstances, in which the victim went to the police station and presented a first information report for such a serious crime against her own parents. It seems that Kallu Tomar, a so-called gift of Amraiwadi, is the cause of all problems. ”

The HC also said: This seems to be a case in which the victim realized what he had done to his own father. It is her guilty conscience that finally led her to claim that the first information report was at the behest of Kallu Tomar.

(The identity of the victim has not been revealed to protect their privacy according to the directives of the Supreme Court in cases related to sexual assault)