Mumbai: Dad rapes a girl blackmailing her for a sex video with a boy

MUMBAI: a 40-year-old man, employed by a private company, has been booked by the city police for his 17-year-old daughter for her with a video of her having sex with her 17 year old. The father escaped after the Court of the Law on the Protection of Children against Sexual Offenses (Pocso) rejected his request for early bail.

The groom has also been reserved, but his request for early bail was allowed by the court after his lawyer, Vaibhav Jagtap, declared that the crux of the accusations were against the survivor's father and that his name was added only later in the FIR.

The matter came to light after the girl's mother found several of her nude videos in her phone gallery in November. The mother discovered that the father had been recording the videos on the girl's phone and had forgotten to delete them. The girl subsequently revealed her terrible experience to her mother. The mother filed a complaint against the father.

In her statement to the police, the survivor said she was in a relationship with a classmate. He said that on July 15, 2019, the boy came home to seek his help for a university project. The girl said her parents were at home. She said that after they finished the project, the boy ordered food for everyone. As it was not right, he decided to eat later. The girl said that when she sat down to eat, she realized that the meal was over. The girl said she was angry and went to her room. Her friend came in to appease her. She said that after calming down, the boy began to get intimate with her. He said that despite his resistance, the boy sexually assaulted her.

The girl said she didn't tell anyone about the incident. Later that day, however, when his mother was not around, his father showed him a video of her with the child. She said her father began blackmailing her and the next morning he raped her. The girl said her father threatened to show her and the boy's video to her mother, make her viral and divorce her if she told someone her crime.

The mother said she first saw the videos of her daughter in her phone in November. The girl said her mother had separated from her father by then and was living with her mother.

The woman said a few days later, her daughter called her on the phone and finally told her that her father was sexually harassing her. Subsequently, the mother went to the police and filed a complaint.

(The identity of the victim to protect their privacy has not been disclosed according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)