I do not pass the four-day tests: Virat Kohli

GUWAHATI: captain of India virat Kohli On Saturday he discarded the idea of ​​the four-day test matches, saying he would take the long cricket format through the rabbit hole of the increasingly short days.

the International Cricket Council (ICC) will formally discuss a proposal this year to curtail a day from Tests from 2023 on. the idea has been met with resistance from a majority of international players, including the likes of Australia captain Tim Paine and spinner Nathan Lyon .

Look, I'm not a fan of four-day tests (proposals). T20 was a revelation when presenting a new format. When they asked me, I said I was not in favor of the hundred (in England) and I said I am not going to test myself in another type of format because many things are already happening, Kohli said on the eve of India's first T20I against Sri Lanka in the Barsapara Stadium here.


De acuerdo con the gustos de Glenn McGrath and Lyon, Kohli put his weight behind the traditional five-day format, which has been followed exclusively for more than three decades, now except for one or two experimental exemptions.

Kohli, while supporting the idea that tests should remain five-day issues, said pink ball tests could be one of the options to popularize test cricket. Reducing time is certainly not an option, said Kohli, who played the recent Day and Night Pink Ball Test against Bangladesh in the Eden Gardens .

With cricket test, day and night test is the maximum that can be changed. It is another step towards the commercialization of Tests and creating enthusiasm around you, but you cannot manipulate too much. I do not think so. If you are talking about the four-day tests, then you are just talking about getting numbers and entertainment, and the intention will not be correct at that time, because after that there could be three-day tests. Where do you end up And then you will talk about the test. The cricket is disappearing, so I don't support it at all, said the Indian captain.

the 31 year-old further added, "I don't think (shortening the days) is fair to the purest format of the game. (It is) how cricket started initially and you know five-day Test matches was the highest you can have at the international level now, so according to me it should not be altered."

Virat on CAA: radical views from both sides

GUWAHATI: virat Kohli has been known to have strong opinions both on and off the field but on the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), he has chosen to be more discreet.

Here for the first T20I against Sri Lanka in Guwahati, which has been a hotbed of protests against the act, Kohli said, " the city is absolutely safe. We didn't see any problems on the roads and (relating to) the issue. I do not want to be irresponsible and speak on something that has radical opinions on both sides."

Kohli, in the past, has expressed support for demonetization.

I need to have total information, total knowledge of what it means and what is happening and then be responsible for giving my opinion about it. You can say one thing and then someone can say another. So I would not like to get involved in something that I do not have a total knowledge of, and it will not be my responsibility to comment, he added.