The IAF flew 625 tons of new tickets after demonetization: the former Dhanoa air chief

MUMBAI: After the demonetization in 2016, it flew 625 tons of new currency in 33 air departures across the country to various destinations. This little known aspect of demonetization was revealed by former IAF chief B S Dhanoa while speaking at the annual IIT-B Techfest on Saturday.

Dhanoa mentioned this by highlighting some of the IAF's unknown roles. He said the air force has risen to the occasion during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Dhanoa regretted that indigenization did not bear fruit as much as desired. He said the IAF has to rely on 32 different platforms from nine different countries. At the same time, he said that if the defense acquisition procedure was politicized, the entire system will become delayed. Slowing defense acquisitions will affect India, Dhanoa said.

According to him, when the strike was approved, the government sent a political message to Pakistan which hereafter acts as terrorism It will come with a very high price.

The attack caused the government to change its strategy regarding the response to terrorist attacks, he told the big meeting.

According to him, the IAF needs to modernize to provide credible deterrence.

The IAF has identified 18 projects in the current financial year under the technological development fund.