Kota kills: Rajasthan deputy CM Sachin Pilot criticizes his own government

JAIPUR: In a shameful development for the government led by Ashok Gehlot, head of the state Congress and deputy CM Sachin pilot on Saturday he criticized his handling of infant deaths at JK Lon Hospital in Kota and demanded accountability. Up to 107 babies have died in the hospital in the last 35 days.

After visiting the Kota hospital, Pilot said that the state government could not escape responsibility by pointing the finger at the previous government, since this is not a small incident, but a heartbreaking one. “I think our response to the entire episode could have been more sensitive and more compassionate. After 13 months in government, it may not have any purpose (for us) to continue pointing to the misdeeds or misdeeds of the previous government, he said.

He said: “Up to 107 children have died. Does not stop. I have met some of the disconsolate relatives. I have no words to express your pain and pain.

The poor strata of society depend on government hospitals. The implementation of statistics will not help. We must instill confidence in people that this type of incident will not happen again. That is the demand of the people too.

Pilot said that people voted to the previous government for their failures and blamed that they will not absolve the current government of its responsibility.