Isro signs a pact with the astrophysics institute to install optical telescopes

NEW DELHI: has signed a pact with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) to pave the way for collaboration in the establishment of optical facilities under the NETRA Project to track space objects. The agency has also partnered with NIT-Karnataka to establish a regional academic center for space to promote space technology research.

Under the Rs 400-crore NETRA project, an early warning system is being established in space to detect debris and other hazards that could pose a danger to India's space assets, such as satellites and experimental platforms. Like other space powers, NETRA will give the country its own capacity to know the spatial situation.

On January 2, Isro's scientific secretary, R Umamaheswaran, and the director of IIA, at Isro's headquarters in Bengaluru, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Isro and IIA for spatial awareness in space awareness of the situation and astrophysics. and IIA in the installation of optical telescope facilities for tracking space objects, studies related to asteroids and other objects close to the earth, said a statement from Isro.

In another development, Isro has established a regional academic center for space at the National Institute of Technology (NIT-K) in Surathkal in the southwest district of Karnataka. Under the agreement signed at Surathkal on Friday, the center will conduct joint research and development in space technology applications to meet the needs of space programs.

Isro will provide a Rs 2 crore grant annually to NIT for R&D projects and promotional activities during the year. A joint policy and management committee will guide the center in the optimal use of the research, infrastructure, experience and experience potential of the space agency and the autonomous institute. BTech and MTech students will participate in short-term one-year research projects and 2-4-year long-term projects in advanced space programs. Intellectual property The rights generated in the projects will be jointly owned by Isro and NIT.