Pompeo discusses Iran's situation with the Indian envoy

NEW DELHI: The United States has kept India aware of the Iran-related events following the assassination of the main Iranian commander. It is understood that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo He discussed the situation with the outgoing Indian ambassador and designated foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla at a meeting after the US air strike that left Soleimani dead.

On Friday, Pompeo had a round of telephone conversations with leaders around the world while the United States sought to explain its attack on Soleimani as a defensive action in response to imminent threats to American life. He also spoke with the head of Pakistan's army, Qamar Bajwa, without going through the prime minister. Imran Khan , on the decision of the United States to eliminate Soleimani.

It is known that Pompeo emphasized that the United States remained committed to reducing the scale in the region. However, with Iran promising revenge, the United States is deploying thousands of troops in the region.

India has been particularly concerned about the latest escalation in tensions between the United States and Iran, not only for its ties with Iran, but also for the presence of 8 million Indian citizens in the region, representing more than 50 percent of the Remittances earned from around $ 70 billion by India every year.

Many in India believe that the unilateralism of the United States in eliminating a high-ranking Iranian leader has put India in trouble. It was evident from the official reaction of India to the murder of Soleimani in which the government tried to go to safety when he asked for moderation and mentioned how the world had been alarmed.

India is also concerned about the fate of its project in Iran, which allows it to prevent Pakistan from accessing Central Asia and Pakistan. Even though it forced India to reduce crude oil imports from Iran, the United States allowed a special exception for the development of Chabahar on behalf of reconstruction assistance and economic development for Afghanistan . If a war really develops in the region, it may be safe to say that work on the project will not be affected.