Live in 2020

The New Year seems a mixture of traditional wisdom and space age efforts; Functional fitness and micro regional flavors. In general, it seems a year of promises and conscious choices.


The world will witness the birth of a completely new travel sector in the 2020s: suborbital commercial airplanes and intergalactic hotels. In the future, everyday cosmonauts will experience total weightlessness and will see the curvature of the Earth beneath them. NASA will begin selling passenger tickets to the International Space Station (EEI) for US $ 35,000 per night. Space X or Boeing will provide flights. Blue Origin Space Company, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, expects to launch manned test flights from his New Shepard ship in 2020, in preparation to send his first space tourists.


From the introduction of vegan hotels to a large number of sustainable initiatives, such as green hotels that eliminate plastics, introduce return activities and use local products and communities in hotels, it has become easier to travel more ethically. According to the Vegan Society, if the entire world ran out of meat in 2050, it would save eight million human lives and reduce greenhouse gases by two-thirds. In addition, with the increase of 'flygskam' (or 'shame of flight') along with 'tagskyrt' (or 'bragging of train'), two Swedish terms that seem to capture the spirit of the time and that are fashionable in networks social. Travelers are also turning to alternative modes of transportation instead of flying.


From traditional recipes to nutritional advice, there is no better food than your grandmother's. Dietitians are encouraging patients to think in terms of what Grandma used to eat at the time. It is a different way of thinking about the dependence we have on processed foods. If we can think of the grandmother, or the great-grandmother, who made most of the food from scratch, can help us return to a healthier way of eating. In the early 1900s, 80 percent of people lived on family farms where physical activity was part of their livelihood and routine. Whether on farms or in smaller gardens, people grew their own vegetables. That is what we will return to.


If our own endorphins were not enough evidence, the evidence is growing that there are many reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with physical appearance: conscious cortisol workouts focused on reducing stress are on the rise. , and studies have shown that The mental benefits of exercise can help with mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Conscious training and functional fitness will continue to grow in 2020. Maintaining good body weight will remain a goal, but it is definitely not the top priority. Thanks to the Body Positiveness movement, achieving a bikini body is no longer the goal.


You've heard of wine and liquor tasting tours and bars during a travel break. This year it will be wine and whiskey residences where you will be booked in a villa and an expert spirit will guide you through the process of appreciation. Instead of visiting a distillery or a vineyard, expect these residences to be great this year: here you can try a vintage beer or a range of products for a given year and combine drinks with different cuisines over a period of two nights and three days .


There has been a notable increase in groups of friends and family that come together to rent high-end holiday villas, chalets and houses with butler services. These extravagant and beautiful villas have swimming pools, internal theaters, gyms, as well as a degree of exclusivity, novelty and informality that hotels cannot match. The luxurious stays at home offer an ideal environment to join and reconnect with your loved ones. Another point in favor is that most of these villas are pet friendly and have enough space for your furry friends to play. It is likely that the concept of weekend getaways to an elegant family home will only gain more popularity this year.


In the New Year, we will be more responsible for our own health and the health of those for whom we buy and cook. Your health begins at the kitchen table. Housewives and chefs will focus more on health, conscious eating, sustainable food and lifestyles and fitness. From more calming foods for anxiety, nootropics to stimulate the brain and plant-based foods to cleanse the body, the mantra by 2020 will be food to nourish the mind, body and spirit.


Regional food will be divided into microregions. The language and food change every 100 km in India. So how can you have Rajasthani or Awadhi as a broad category? This will be the year of the micro-regional kitchens. The chefs will talk about the cuisine of a community, a locality or just a lane, instead of simply saying that it is a regional Indian cuisine. Expect the menus to be inspired by the fishing community in Koliwada, the Punjabi food of the Sikh community of Uttarakhand, the coastal cuisine of small towns in Kerala or the desserts of Madhya Pradesh. If it is not the kitchen, then there would be influences of micro regional ingredients where you can expect many fusion preparations where popular dishes are cooked with spices and herbs from a particular district or farm.


Among the people who attend health clubs, a new category will be senior citizens and children. Increasingly, older adults are turning to smart watches and physical activity trackers to control everything from heart rate to the steps taken. There will be certified trainers specialized in fitness programs for adults, which will help them with recovery, flexibility and knee problems. Similarly, children will be seen going to the gym to learn better posture, body movement and alignment.


Gyms will employ sports nutritionists and certified fitness professionals instead of bodybuilders. Exercise will be one of the most prescribed forms of treatment for patients experiencing a variety of disorders. As a result, physiotherapy will become more popular and people will be encouraged to perform some type of exercise to maintain good health. This is an aspect that will be considered essential, even for those who do not face immediate medical conditions.