Suraj Gowda becomes director of Ninna Sanihake

We talked to you about the actor Suraj Gowda becoming a writer while writing his next movie Ninna Sanihake . Now, here is another update of the movie sets. The team confirms that Suraj will also be credited as the film's director. The team also requested a change of director in the registry, since it was originally supposed to be led by Suman Jadugar . The reason for this is friendly and Suman is still part of the film's management team, as we know.n “Suman encountered an accident on the third day of filming. As we couldn't stop filming, I took the reins and supervised all the work in and out of the sets those days. When Suman resumed work on the set, he saw the result and said it was very good and that the film had formed well. That was when the team reached a consensus that I would continue to direct the film, which is based on a story written by me, says Suraj.

The film marks the debut of the late matinee idol Dr Rajkumar Dhanya's granddaughter Ramkumar , which is paired with Suraj in the movie. We have about a week of filming