Congress hits Kailash Vijayvargiya, BJP says the leader expressed the pain of the common man

BHOPAL: Ministers of the Kamal Nath On Saturday, the government and the state Congress trained their weapons against the national secretary general of BJP for threatening a government official. Vijayvargiya allegedly said: If the Sangh leaders had not been here, we would have set ourselves on fire.

The PCD minister, known for being an arch-rival of Vijayvargiya, said: Indore is not a city of powerless people. Indore is a city of muscular men, intellectuals and honest people who have built the city. Tere is merely haisiyat nehin hai ki Indore mein aag laga de. Tere aur mera jaise bahat aaye aur gaye. (You or I don't have the caliber to set Indore on fire. Many like you and I have come and gone.)

When asked if he said that muscular men live in Indore, Verma repeated: Bahubali aur buddhisheel logon ka shahar hai. Koi napunsak aag laga de, ye nahi hoga (it is a city of muscular men and intelligent people. No impotent person can set fire to the city).

While Sajjan Singh Verma continued to indirectly call impotent Vijayvargiya, BJP spokesman Rajneesh Agarwal said: “We are horrified by the kind of unpleasant language used against Kailash Vijayvargiya. Congress should know that Vijayvargiya was a student leader, a youth leader and rose in rank as an elected corporation to city mayor, minister of state and central leader. He is not a criminal, but he expressed the pain of the common man and the merchants of Indore. All he said was that when action is taken, it must be transparent and according to the rules and laws. Instead of talking about it, Congress is trying to deviate.

Another cabinet minister, Jeetu Patwari, a native of Indore, also attacked the BJP leader. Indore's civility and culture has been demolished by Kailash Vijayvargiya. The behavior of a representative of the people must be with a certain dignity and protected language. Spreading hatred, repulsion and setting fire to a city is unfit for a political leader, said higher education minister Patwari. said.

Kailash Vijayvargiya should apologize or prime minister Narendra Modi who objected that the son of the leader of the BJP hit an official of a municipal corporation with a bat before, should decide whether the national secretary general of his party will burn a city, he added.

The controversy began when the BJP leader, Vijayvargiya, protested in Indore on Friday alleging the politically motivated action of the congressional government against the party workers. He tried to meet with administrative officials, which was denied. By the way, the head of RSS organization Mohan Bhagwat was in Indore for an internal meeting.

PWD Minister Sajjan Singh Verma said: On a day when the prime minister was in it, how could officials know him? A senior leader of the BJP believes he is almighty and said it will set the city on fire. In the city, ask them if the city should catch fire.

Meanwhile, the head of the state congressional office filed a complaint on Saturday afternoon with DGP AN Singh and demanded that a FIR and criminal case be filed against Kailash Vijayvargiya. The congressional delegation, including the CCP vice president, Chandraprabhash Sekhar, secretary general (administration) Rajiv Singh, spokesman JP Dhanopia and others filed the complaint alleging that Vijayvargiya tried to interrupt the peace of Indore and spread the violence.