Why do they stand with the troublemakers? Yogi Adityanath teases after Priyanka visits the families.

LUCKNOW: After the leader of Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra met with families affected by violence during the anti-CAA protests, the UP prime minister said on Saturday that those repeatedly rejected by people were still seeking appeasement policies and questioned the show of sympathy for the troublemakers.

Why such sympathy for those who burn, vandalize their property? Why are they standing next to rioters and hooligans that damage the peace, security and public property of the country, said a tweet from the Office of Yogi Adityanath.

People are watching and understand. Despite being repeatedly rejected, they are not giving up on the appeasement policy. They will never succeed in their designs, he said.

The tweets came hours after Priyanka Gandhi made an unscheduled visit to and districts to meet the affected families, but did not refer directly to her.

Maintaining peace and quiet is the responsibility of your government and is fulfilling it with full commitment, said another tweet.

Earlier on Saturday morning, Priyanka Gandhi met the families who have alleged police excesses during the recent protests against the amended Citizenship Act.