Rahul Gandhi has no knowledge of CAA: JP Nadda

GUWAHATI: BJP Labor President J P Nadda said Saturday that the main leader of Congress Rahul Gandhi He has no knowledge about the Citizenship Amendment Law and challenged him to speak ten lines about it.

Nadda threw the challenge at Rahul Gandhi at a mammoth rally here of booth-level presidents of BJP in Assam.

I challenge Rahul Gandhi to speak ten lines about the CAA and say in two lines what he opposes in the Act, said the BJP leader.

He (Rahul) knows nothing. He tells people that they will be deprived of their passports and Aadhaar cards. But the CAA is to give and not take away citizenship, Nadda said.

There is a flaw in your thinking (of Gandhi) since you are inspired only by politics. You don't see the nation, but you only see the politics of the vote bank that you put above the nation. For BJP, the country is above the vote since we are inspired by love for the nation, he said.

Nadda accused Congress leaders of shedding crocodile tears on behalf of the opposing CAA. Your ( Sonia Gandhi ) son (Rahul) does not make statements in Parliament but gives slogans. You send him there to talk, but he doesn't. I pity the party and its mental leadership capacity.

Continuing his attack on Congress, the acting president of BJP said: The Assam Agreement was signed in 1985 and you slept until 2017 despite ruling the country for 70 years. You even had a prime minister here. But BJP came and woke you up. He feels pain because his chair was removed, Nadda said.

He also challenged congressional leaders to go to camps where non-Muslims who fled Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh due to religious persecution in those countries stay to see their condition for themselves.

The president of labor of BJP referred Mahatma Gandhi saying that those persecuted people in India should be given refuge, followed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who wants to give them relief funds and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying that arrangements should be made for them in India.

Where will these people who fled to India go? Narendra Modi and Amit Shah presented the amendment in the Law to allow them to live with dignity and honor, Nadda said.

The BJP leader sought to dispel the fears of the people of Assam that CAA would threaten their language, identity and culture. He said that when the amended law is implemented, clause 6 of the Assam Agreement that grants them constitutional safeguards will be implemented in letter and spirit, since it will be the responsibility of BJP to do so.

BJP leader Ram Madhav, who also spoke on the show, said those who oppose the CAA do not fully understand it, while others do not want to do it.

He accused Congress of instigating people with lies and false propaganda about the modified act and said that BJP workers have a responsibility to eliminate those fears.

He assured people that CAA will never harm their interests but will safeguard them.

Affirming that Congress has been spreading a false alarm that millions of Bangladeshis will come to Assam because of CAA, he said that new immigrants will not enter the state and that citizenship will be granted to those who are already here after fleeing their countries due to religious persecution