The center does not understand the economy of the country, it should focus on central issues: Ashok Gehlot

JODHPUR: Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot He said Saturday that the government led by BJP does not understand the economy of the country and advised him to focus on central issues instead of the Citizenship (Amendment) Law and the NRC.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the 2020 National Tax Conference, which lasted two days, he said: The current central government has no knowledge of the economy. Prices have increased in the country due to government policies.

He also said that even the husband of the minister of finance of the Union has stated that the state of the economy in the country was not good and that the government has no knowledge of the economy.

In a newspaper article published on October 14, Sitharaman's husband, Prabhakar, had criticized the government led by BJP for his economic vision and asked him to embrace the economic architecture offered by Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh .

Aiming at the president of BJP and the Interior Minister Amit Shah , who made a big rally on Friday by launching an awareness program on the amended Citizenship Law, Gehlot said: He came here to become aware, but for what? The prices of gasoline, diesel and onions have increased in the country.

He said that securing a majority was not always all in one democracy and the government also needed to take people's voice into account.

Addressing tax professionals and experts at the conference, he invited them to work together to boost the economy.

The country has been reeling under the phase of a poor economy. These phases keep coming and going. Efforts to improve GDP are imperative in such a situation and tax people have a key role, Gehlot said.